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 CG. series cable glands for unarmoured cables

CGA. series cable glands for armoured cables

CGF. series cable glands for armoured cables

with conduit protection

• Use

The cable glands for non armoured and armoured cables

are normally used in the chemical and pretrochemical

plants, off-shore platforms, refineries and any other

industry where hazardous atmospheres (gas and

combustible dust) are potentially present.

• Function

The cable glands are normally installed to allow direct entry of unarmoured (CG serie) or armoured (CGA serie) cables into Ex-d

and Ex-e enclosures so to provide any electrical connection with external circuits.

The cable glands for non armoured cables are provided with a complete set of internal gaskets to meet any form of

requirements. The sealing ring of CGF series is female threaded to allow the connection with a rigid or flexible conduit

protecting the cable for specific kind of installations.

The cable glands for armoured cables, due a particular design, are equipped with a sole gasket covering a wide range of cable

sizes so to facilitate the choice and the installation.

The cable glands with cylindrical threads are equipped with O-ring so to grant and IP 66/68 protection to the enclosure.

• Construction

The materials used to manufacture the cable glands have been studied to grant the maximum protection against the highly

corrosive agents present in these industries.

They are available in:

• brass

• nickel plated brass

• stainless steel AISI 316

The O-ring and internal gaskets are made in neoprene and, for low and high temperature environments, in silicone.

All the equipment has the double marking for Ex-d and Ex-e installations with the sole exception of the components threaded

with PG – DIN 40430 that are available only for Ex-e installations.

The cable glands to be used with circuit Ex-i, can be requested with pressure cap painted light blue.

• Ordering Codes

The material code, as per side table, has to be added at the

end of the code of cable gland, earth tag or lock nut.

On request, there are available other types of thread for any

special purpose.

• Protection

certificate number: IMQ 12 ATEX 010 X

marking: ` II 2GD Ex d IIC Gb - Ex e IIC Gb - Ex tb IIIC Db

ambient temperature: -60°C +180°C

degree of protection: IP66 / IP68

conformity: Directive ATEX 94/9/EC

standards: EN60079-0 / EN60079-1 / EN60079-7 / EN-60079-11 / EN60079-31 / EN60529

category: suitable for Zone 1 – 21 (gas) and Zone 2 – 22 (dust)

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